How Do I Find My Purpose?

Each person’s path is unique, but I can give you a HUGE head start. Thing is, we aren’t that different from other living things. And when you start to fulfill life’s basic purposes, you will begin to get clear on your Unique Purpose.

The 3 Basic Purposes of Life


To Become Itself

Obvious, right? Just like a fish can never become a tree, you can’t become anyone but yourself. All life forms strive to become the greatest expression of themselves despite their circumstances. You’re called to do the same.


To Create & Contribute

All life forms do things that impact their surroundings. And whether you can see it or not, your impact matters a lot. My guess is that you care about more than just yourself. You also want to make a real difference in your world.


To Grow & Evolve

Every creature strives for new heights…or dies out. That’s why you’re a born learner and explorer. You’re drawn to new challenges and experimentation, even when it’s risky. You’ll never want to stop growing.


Simply fulfilling these basic purposes will give you more fulfillment, better relationships, and help you make a bigger impact in your organization and communities.

But you can take this even farther.

Your Unique Purpose will give you:

A lifelong compass to help you make every major decision in your life (small ones, too).

Certainty that you’re living your best possible life.

The ability to die with zero regrets.