Self Care

So often when people hear the term “self care”, they think about hot stone massages, vacations, and shopping. Somehow the idea of caring for oneself translates to buying something pleasurable or indulging in something unhealthy. Self care isn’t found when we look out, it’s found when we look in.

Self care means to care about your self. To give a damn about you. It means to listen to your cries and howls, your whispers and peeps. It means to attend to your feelings and needs like no one else can or ever will. It means saying “No” to those that harm you, violate you, diminish you, destroy you. It means saying “Yes” to those that affirm, feed, and delight you. It means remembering that you have a soul. A hungry soul that will not be ignored. It means loving your quirks, flaws, and mystery. And being fucking proud of yourself for surviving everything this crazy world has thrown at you.

It means to care for yourself like you care for a child. To nurture and nourish yourself in ways that let your body grow, find balance, and function at its full capacity. It means to remember that you hold great power and potential the world has not yet seen. To believe that you matter, are loved, and are whole just as you are. It means to realize you have the right to be seen and heard, take up space, and shape your surroundings to survive and thrive. It means trusting yourself to know how to be you.

Self care means to take a moment. To breathe. To be still and listen in the quiet to what you’re trying to say to yourself. It means to challenge yourself to look deeper, broader, and with new eyes at your inner world - a world you will live in your entire life. A world that could bear you the most luscious forest of vibrance and life, or the most barren desert of numbness and forgotten dreams.

It means to bring yourself home. Back to your truth. Back to your strength. Then when you’re good and ready, like a coiled spring, lurch fearlessly into the unknown.