Give Your Struggle Purpose and Your Life Will Have Purpose

Life is short, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. That’s the reality of being alive.

So what’s your life about?

What truly matters?

The answer to those questions is not found in what you wish for but in what you’re willing to struggle for.

Because every path involves struggle.

Want to be rich? That takes you down one path of struggle.

Want to be fulfilled? That takes you down another.

Avoid struggling? You will likely never get what you want in life. And that will be your struggle.

Every path involves struggle.

And no matter what path you choose, you will encounter your demons. To continue down that path, you must overcome them.

That is what’s called “the work”.

There are no right or wrong paths. There is only the type of struggle you’d like to have, and the kind of work you’re willing to do.

All paths require work.

Even those who seem lazy have to work hard to block out the world.

Even those who exploit or harm others have to work hard to block out their hearts.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely trying to create a better life for yourself. But you keep hitting the same barriers over and over again.

Maybe it’s a sign you should give up. Or maybe it means you’re on the right track. Whatever you decide will determine how you struggle.

So what are you willing to struggle for? And what kind of work are you willing to do?

What are you willing to be disliked for?

To offend for?

To look stupid for?

To be silently judged for?

To be rejected for?

To be unpopular for?

What are you willing to be uncomfortable for?

To be inconvenienced for?

To be worried for?

To be uncertain for?

To hustle for?

To be poor for?

To risk everything for?

What are you willing to do the work for?

To address your shame for?

To heal your trauma for?

To challenge your beliefs for?

To overcome your insecurities for?

Whatever you choose, make sure it's worth your while. Because nothing is more demoralizing than a meaningless struggle.

Give your struggle purpose, and your life will have purpose.



Eddie Shieh, PCC, MFA