Why isn't security enough?


Why isn't it enough to just work a job that pays you enough to save for retirement?

Sure it's fine for a while - and amazing when it's your first time - but after a while, why does it stop feeling special?

Why do you also need to feel engaged and interested in what you're doing?

Why aren't promotions and bonuses enough to keep you happy?

Because you're a human being. You are a natural-born value-creating creature.

You can't help but create value from the things around you. You create order from chaos. You create meals from ingredients. You create a home from random objects and furniture. You create a fashion statement from disparate items of clothing. You create ideas from scattered memories and stimuli.

You can't help but take the bits and pieces around you and convert them into something of a higher order value.

That's why your boss is paying you that salary: so you can use your life energy to convert that money into value that will bring the company more than what they pay you.

You're a value-creating machine. With your life as the fuel.

But the thing is, your favorite kind of value to create is the kind that aligns with what you value.

And when you're unable to do that, you feel empty and disengaged. You feel drained. And guilty - because the salary you're receiving is starting to eclipse the value you believe you're creating.

Deep down you sense that you could be creating so much more value with your life energy.

Anything else just doesn't seem quite worth it.

One of the greatest joys in life is to convert what you receive into something you think is 10x more valuable. And then giving that away freely.

And if you've never experienced that before, I urge you to consider how you might start doing that today. You'll experience a new level of aliveness.

Ask yourself: What do I value above all else? What can I not help but create in the world? What could I give away freely every day and never feel drained?

Then find ways to do more of that every day.

If you need ideas, feel free to leave a comment or message me. I would be delighted to help you identify what you value and strategize ways for you to do more of that each day.

Because doing that is what I value, and what I love to give away.

And when I discovered that and started doing that, I finally understood for the first time how valuable I truly am.

Eddie Shieh, PCC, MFA