Do you like who you’re becoming?

Every day, you make choices that shape who become.

The easy choices deepen grooves. The hard choices make new ones. Nothing stays constant.

And as you carve, you reveal your life’s sculpture within.

What does your sculpture look like right now? What about in 5 years? 10 years?

Do you like what you see?

At the end of your life, your masterpiece will show every nook and cranny of the results of your choices.

Will you be awestruck or horrified? Bored or fascinated? Proud or ashamed?

Will its contours tell the story of a full life? Or an unlived life?

Will its viewers feel inspired to emulate you? Or will they feel cautioned of what not to do?

Will they be moved to tears? Shake their heads? Or roll their eyes?

My friend, your sculpture is sacred. And you only get one to mold.

So take stock of what’s trending in your life.

Are you becoming more set in your ways? Or more flexible?

More fearful? Or more courageous?

More angry? Or more at peace?

More alive? Or more numb?

Are your relationships getting stronger? Or weaker?

Deeper? Or shallower?

More resilient? Or more fragile?

Are you discovering more about the world? Or less?

Feeling more full? Or more empty?

More joy? Or more suffering?

Ask yourself:

Are you becoming a better worker? Or a better person?

A better provider? Or a better parent?

A better time? Or a better friend?

A better follower? Or a better leader?

A better consumer? Or a better creator?

Write them all down. Project them out. No judgement. But do you like what you see?⁣

What will you do about it?⁣ Think carefully.

Because your answer to that question determines the rest of your life.

Eddie Shieh, PCC, MFA