You Lack Nothing.

You wanna know what you can do to become the person you want to be? You want that 3 step program? That new book? That class? That guide?

Well I have news for you. None of that will work unless you get one thing straight:

You lack nothing. The person you want to become already exists inside of you.

And guess what? You don’t need to struggle, bargain, sacrifice, or wait. You can be that person right fucking now.

“But how? What is this sorcery?!” you ask? Chill, let me explain.

Let’s say that you have a fear of rejection. That fear prevents you from doing what you really want to do. And let’s say you’re self-aware enough to know that the fear actually stems from an inability to accept yourself for who you are. Can you relate?

So you sit down and start making a list of ways you can accept yourself more.

How can I accept myself more?

  • I can remind myself every day of my basic goodness and value.
  • I can stop evaluating myself as good/bad and comparing myself to others.
  • I can spend more time around people who love and accept me and who love and accept themselves.

Looks great, right? These are wonderful things to do, and if you do them you likely will begin to feel a bit more self-accepting. But you’ll never fully embody it. Why?

Because you’re starting from a place of lack.

You’ve accidentally created a paradigm in which you’re starting from empty and trying to fill yourself up. And so everything you do from this place simply reinforces the emptiness.

Because hey, you’re doing exactly what a person who lacks self-acceptance would be doing: Trying to figure out how to be more self-accepting.

My friend, don’t sell yourself short.

Instead, do what a person who accepts themselves completely would be doing.

Don’t know what that would be?

Yes, you do.

Because you lack nothing, remember?

Stop and ask yourself:

What if I accepted myself completely right here, right now?

Imagine that for a moment. Take a breath and imagine a You that has seen it all: your good, your bad, your ugly, and accepts all of it unconditionally. A You that does not resist, deny or judge any iota of you. A You that is completely at peace with everything that happened in your past and everything that will ever happen in your future. Become that You.

Now take what you're feeling and multiply it by 100. Bathe yourself in an ocean of unconditional love and acceptance.


Congratulations. You’ve achieved self-acceptance.

Now it’s time to make a list.

Ask yourself: What’s possible now?

  • I can express myself freely and fearlessly.
  • I can connect to my deepest truth.
  • I can love and accept others fully.

Now THAT’S a to-do list I can get behind. THAT'S a to-do list that will ACTUALLY transform your life. All you have to do now is find opportunities to practice each one.

And lucky for you, your day is absolutely full of ‘em.


You lack nothing-800px.png
Eddie Shieh, PCC, MFA