Rejection is valuable.⁣

Typical reactions to rejection fall into these categories:⁣

  1. I suck⁣

  2. They suck⁣

  3. It doesn’t matter⁣

They lead to takeaways that shape how you see yourself.⁣

If your takeaway from every rejection is “I’m a failure.” then you will become a failure to yourself.⁣

If it’s “They’re terrible.” you become a victim.⁣

If it’s “Oh well. It doesn’t matter.” you become a nobody.⁣

But to draw any of those conclusions is a waste of a rejection.⁣

A rejection is a precious and valuable experience.⁣

A rejection can be a confirmation of your integrity.⁣

A rejection can point to something you’re meant to overcome.⁣

A rejection can awaken you from going down the wrong path.⁣

A rejection can show you what you’re made of.⁣⁣⁣

A rejection can save your life.⁣

Don’t waste your next rejection.⁣ Turn it into gold.

Sure, ideally your life path will be full of intended outcomes: things you consciously work towards and achieve.⁣

But realistically, it will be full of both intended AND unintended outcomes.⁣

A rejection is simply an unintended outcome.⁣

And if you look closer, it can reveal shortcuts to self-discovery.⁣

Getting dumped is a chance to learn how to love yourself.⁣

Getting laid off is a chance to redefine success.⁣

Getting passed over for a job is a chance to practice patience.⁣

Getting kicked down is a chance to learn how to get back up.⁣

Getting hurt is a chance to learn how to heal.⁣

It’s the unintended outcomes of life that compel us to grow.⁣

That growth then propels us towards intended outcomes with more wisdom and vigor.⁣

So next time you get rejected, celebrate!⁣

You’ve stumbled upon an opportunity of a lifetime.⁣

Eddie Shieh, PCC, MFA