This Simple Idea Changed My Life, and It Will Change Yours Too

Read these words: “Anything is possible.”

What came up?

Did you roll your eyes because you believed it when you were a kid only to have your hopes crushed by reality?

Or did you get a flash of a wanting to punch your friend in the face for saying that when clearly you TOTALLY bombed that interview?

Or did you start getting sciencey like “Um, no. Time travel isn’t possible. We can’t defy the laws of physics.”?

Well I want you to try this on for a second.

What if “Anything is possible” is actually the most efficient belief in the universe?

Think about it. If you believed this at least as strongly as you believed the opposite, you’d try more things, make more stuff, launch more ideas, be more confident, be more honest, have more fun, be more free.

Sure, you’d faceplant sometimes, but more often you’d just be unimpressed and move on. You’d learn a ton along the way, so you’d get smarter and savvier, too.

And maybe, just maybe, you’d actually be living the life you really want by now.

But the sad truth is, we HATE “anything is possible”. In fact, we actively try to destroy it.

We hack it down like an overgrown bush along a path we forgot how we got on. We bury it, hide it, or chip away at it piece by piece as we steadily march to a place where certainty is better than uncertainty, knowing is easier than not knowing, and impossible is more manageable than possible. (I think the walls are light grey in that place…)

And then we wonder why we have confidence issues.

How many times have you been paralyzed by your doubts? How much mental energy have you burned mapping out every single disaster in full gory detail? Or projecting your own judgements into the minds of other people, a formless “them”, society, an industry, the internet, the entire world? How many times have you imagined yourself humiliated, rejected, desolate, dead?

It’s f*cking exhausting isn’t it? This whole time you could have just DONE the damn thing three times over.

And the sickening irony is that you probably fear regret most of all.

Read these words: “Anything is possible.”

What came up?

See what happens if you try it on for the day. OK how about an hour. A minute. A moment.

Pause. Concentrate. Repeat it a few times. “Anything is possible.”

Feel that? Now go.


Anything is possible.jpg
Eddie Shieh, PCC, MFA