How to Stop Fear from Stopping You

Does fear stop you on a daily basis?

Does it stop you from stepping up, putting yourself out there, pressing "send", asking a dumb question, speaking an opposing view, saying Yes (or No), asking for what you really want? Does it stop you from being seen?

Well, it's not a big deal because once that moment passes, your life just keeps going as if nothing happened.

And that's the problem. Nothing happened.

The less you make stuff happen, the more stuff will happen to YOU. And your life becomes a dumping ground for all the stuff other people don't want.

The ticket to entry for making things happen is, yep: Fear.

So if you get great at moving through fear, you get great at making things happen.

Here's a video where I share my personal experience with fear, and an insight and strategy I use again and again to move through it.

Eddie Shieh, PCC, MFA