Your Vision Should NOT Be These Things

Visioning is powerful. The pictures you draw of yourself can either serve you powerfully or lead you astray.

You are constantly drawing pictures of your future, so what makes a vision different? And what misconceptions might you have about what a vision is or isn't?

And just in case you're wondering: Yes, you need a vision.

Here's why they matter and how to create one that actually serves you.

Key Takeaways

    Your vision should NOT be a mishmash of indulgences.

    Maybe you dream about having a fancy home, life on the beach, infinite wealth, etc, but those things are often a reaction to what you don't like about your life now. A vision isn't about escaping from your life, it's about living your life more fully.

    Your vision should NOT be for others.

    How many times were you asked as a kid "What do you want to be when you grow up?" You were conditioned to talk about your future as a way to gain approval from others. Be careful not to create your vision through an external gaze. Your vision should be about you.

    Your vision should NOT be a plan.

    Plans are logical. Plans are measured steps you take to achieve a specific outcome. Trying to make your vision an executable plan will only overwhelm you and create a fear of failure. Make plans that are inspired by your vision, but the vision itself is not a plan.

    Your vision is NOT set in stone.

    Creating a vision might put you into a state of existential angst because you think it needs to include everything you'll ever be or do. Your vision will evolve with you over time because YOU will evolve. Ask yourself, "Does this vision help me connect to my highest self?" And if that's no longer true, it's time to change it.

    A vision is a picture of the life that your highest self creates.

    Your highest self is a version of you that honors your values everyday, does work that expresses your purpose in the world, and shapes an environment in which you can stay connected to yourself.

    Your vision can take the form of a story, a drawing, a collage, etc. And should engage your mind, heart, and soul. Most importantly, your vision is a consciously created representation of life as your highest self.

    If you get this right, you'll have a tool that

    • Helps you make decisions that bring more possibility and fulfillment to your life.
    • Focuses your life and motivates you by pulling you towards it rather than pushing you.
    • Gives you energy and lets you instantly reconnect with your highest self. 
    Eddie Shieh, PCC, MFA