C. Lee

I was about to move into a new house and had been in therapy for at least a decade, but I felt that my life was stagnant. I knew that I didn't like my job. I knew that I wanted to start a business and make a change and take back my time. I knew I wanted more financial freedom and better relationships. But I wasn't seeing progress and starting to feel confused about why I was doing what I was doing.

I hesitated at the cost - being frugally minded. It was hard to spend that kind of money on myself. I also wasn't sure it would be a worthwhile pursuit.

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I had just started a job in a new role and felt really uncertain about my ability to succeed – I questioned everything I'd learned in the past, and needed guidance from someone who understood both the design side as well as the interpersonal side of my job.

I didn't have a specific agenda in mind, but I knew that coaching had always helped bring clarity to my thoughts and intentions, and that was what I needed as I was sorting through my feelings towards this new job.

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S. Carol

When I met Eddie, I was desperately tired and disillusioned at work, anxious about the future and the present. I wanted to figure out the next steps in my life and have some idea of direction: to become unstuck.

I wasn’t sure if Eddie was the right fit and was very glad for the initial session without fee. Right after I signed up, I felt hopeful but also a little scared.

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When considering coaching with Eddie, I hesitated at the price, which felt fair, but was still a lot of money to spend. I felt my problem was very specific and contextual, so I wondered if coaching would still be helpful if the problem were to go away before the coaching sessions ended.

I understood that coaching would be more big picture, but it was hard to imagine what that would look like before doing it. It was a leap of faith to commit to doing it.

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I started working with Eddie when a personal life-changing event forced me to assess my own self beyond that of my career. I was in a phase of "fogginess" that I needed clarity with.

At first I was concerned that I would treat coaching like a job, only one that I paid to do. And I was unsure I would come out of it with actionable next steps.

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I knew that I wanted to make a career pivot at some point in the future but I wasn't sure what that looked like or how I would go about it. I also was aware that I had several unhealthy thought patterns but wasn't sure how I would go about relating to them or even changing them.

Coaching is expensive. And I like to think that I can read enough online to coach myself through things. So even though I knew I could benefit a lot from having a coach, it was a process to admit to myself that I needed to work with someone in that way.

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