I help young professionals become purpose-driven leaders and creators.

One-on-One Coaching 

Every person has a unique situation, which is why I’m trained in various coaching techniques that range from industry specific angles to overarching lifestyle goals and the different pathways we can take to get you there.

Brief & Tactical Coaching

{Description} 1-5 sessions. Ranges from quick fixes to more in-depth skill-building and practicing. A low-commitment/investment way to experience coaching with me.

Life & Career Coaching Packages

{Description} 3-6 months. For long-lasting changes based on fundamental shifts. Life-focused (Find Your Compass, life direction) and/or career-focused (Find Your Voice, become a leader).


My Approach

I take pride in understanding specific cultural and social norms and pressures, and conduct coaching through a wide lens that factors in all of these things that often build the crumbling foundation for unfulfilling lifestyles or careers.

I offer several coaching methods and sessions that address all parts of life, and am sure to take in all existing aspects and influences. Whether you identify with a specific coaching service, would like a hybrid of multiple services, or need some help articulating exactly what you need, I will coach you through it.

You came here for a reason - let’s explore that together.

After a session with Eddie, I felt more clear about my vision, but more importantly, I had a more emotional and resonant relationship with my vision. In 60 minutes with Eddie, I shifted to be able to see the true shape of my desires. Eddie created a cozy, safe space to explore with his thoughtful line of questions, laser-tuned listening skills, and sincere investment in the creative life he’s coaching.
Eddie is incredibly thoughtful and encouraging. And most importantly real. He has this innate ability to read between the lines and hear what’s not being said...I truly benefited from working with him.
— patricia s. san jose, CA
Eddie challenged my self-imposed doubts and worries that stopped me from pursuing the career I was interested in. He really cut to the heart of the matter and within our first hour together I was able to sidestep my mental barriers into the right direction. It was exactly what I wanted to do. Eddie helped me admit to it and then commit to it.
Eddie helped me discover insights I never could have imagined or planned to discover. In the end I always feel confident because now I understand more. Everytime, I prove to myself how important it is to do this work. During our sessions I can always expect non-judgement, invitations to go deeper, and laughter. He pays attention to everything that I say and the way I say it. It’s the opposite of how people often talk to each other without actually listening.
— Marina J. San Francisco, CA