I help young professionals become purpose-driven leaders and creators.

I help designers get better at their craft and become authentic, creative leaders.

Eddie Shieh, PCC, MFA combines his expertise in UX design with powerful coaching to supercharge the growth and development of budding design leaders. It's more than just design training and more than just leadership coaching. It's Design Coaching.

Finally, a coach JUST for designers.

Here are three big reasons why you need a Design Coach.

#1 - Make no mistake, design does not speak for itself.

These days, design needs a voice that can speak many different languages - business, product and tech to name a few. As a designer, not only do you need to be solid in your rationale, you also need to openly engage others in your process. You need to  elicit feedback and expertise from others while also having the ability to take a confident stand when necessary without alienating others.

Design is your toolset, relationships are your asset.

Design Coaching will give you:

  • A deeper understanding of the design thinking process that you can adapt to any problem.

  • Training in soft skills necessary to build trust and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

  • Skills and confidence in your ability to facilitate and lead meetings that yield actionable results.

  • Strategies to present design work and give/receive feedback in ways that engage and influence others.

#2 - Your team can't wait for your next stroke of genius.

I get it - genius can't be rushed, and your creativity seems to magically show up under pressure. But wouldn't it be so much more effective to be able to deliver on a consistent, predictable basis? Creativity can't be controlled, but it can be cultivated and accessed on demand with the right mindset and the best practices.

Creativity is a paradox. It’s one of the most powerful forces of human nature but cultivated in the most mundane of ways.

Design Coaching will give you:

  • Tools and methods for tapping into your creativity on a consistent basis.

  • Ways to facilitate other people's creativity and maximize the synergy of your team.

  • The ability to skillfully manage ambiguity and be productive at any point along the design process.

  • The confidence that you'll always be able to figure out how to proceed no matter how messy the problem is.

#3 - Beyond the artifact, design leadership is an inner game. And you're getting in your own way.

Ever heard the phrase "What got you here won't get you there"? In other words, what made you a badass individual contributor won't help you become a badass design leader. Clinging to those old strategies makes you territorial and overworked. The truth is that your next big level-up has more to do with your growth as a human being than as a designer.

Your ability to impact others is limited by your ability to impact yourself.

Design Coaching will give you:

  • A safe, nonjudgmental space to cultivate self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

  • Tools to manage your Inner Critic and quiet the negative self-talk that affects your performance.

  • Clarity on your unique gifts, values, and purpose that allows your authentic self to shine forth in your work.

  • The capacity to be vulnerable and connect with others on an emotional level that is essential for true leadership.

Your organization can't afford to suck at design.

OK, maybe "suck" is too strong a word. But you're reading this because you're serious about being design-centric, and you can see untapped design potential in your organization. Maybe you lack the bandwidth to provide mentorship yourself. Or perhaps your organization lacks the resources to hire more designers.

1:1 Design Coaching works wonders in situations like these:

New Bootcamp Designers

You hired a designer from General Assembly (or the like) because you saw potential in them. A Design Coach helps smooth the transition to a new job and speed up their growth, giving them a much needed confidence boost early on in their new career.

Design Team of One

It's impossible to do good design in a vacuum, but too often designers find themselves working alone. A Design Coach serves as a powerful thought partner and a nurturing force that develops the designer's capacity and confidence.

Grooming a New Leader

Your rockstar designer could become a rockstar design leader...or a stagnant and disgruntled lone wolf. Are you giving them their best chance at success? A Design Coach provides the ramp and structure for a budding leader to find their voice. 

Design Coaching is awesome, but it's not for everyone.

Who it's for:

  • Designers that are open-minded and curious about the unknown

  • Designers that want to become leaders someday

  • Designers that can self-reflect and be honest with themselves

  • Designers that take responsibility for their own growth

  • Organizations that value personal and professional development

  • Organizations that value a designer's whole person, not just what they can produce

Who it's NOT for:

  • Designers that just want a quick fix

  • Designers that aren't willing to be uncomfortable

  • Designers that just want someone to tell them what to do

  • Designers that don't like people (yep, they exist!)

  • Organizations that view design as "fluff"

  • Organizations that can't give their designer(s) space and time to grow

  • Organizations that don't tolerate failure or mistakes


Hi, I'm Eddie Shieh.

I've helped dozens of designers grow and develop into amazing human beings that bring creativity, joy, and success to their organizations every day.

Designers sit at the intersection of culture, progress, and humanity. They are the ultimate translators of function to form to experience. Their work can never be perfect, nor finished, and that requires a certain level of humility.

I'm deeply familiar with how that humility can twist into persistent self-doubt, creative block, and existential angst. I'm also familiar with how necessary those experiences are in the forging of a great design leader.

As a coach, I provide space for designers to constructively move through those challenges and discover their path to becoming their best selves.

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