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Get an hour of focused, loving attention in a non-judgmental and confidential space with me, a trained coach. No strings attached. No sales pitch.

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Our call can focus on topics you’d like more clarity on such as (but not restricted to)…

  • Your life vision and long-term goals

  • Career change

  • Leadership and professional goals

  • Life purpose and fulfillment

  • Cultural identity and belonging

  • Communication and relationships

  • Building confidence

  • Getting unstuck / procrastination

  • Time management and priorities

  • Making a big decision / inner conflict

  • Personal growth plans and life design

  • Healthy habits and boundaries

  • Adjusting to big life transitions


Here’s what others have experienced during these free conversations:

Eddie challenged my self-imposed doubts and worries that stopped me from pursuing the career I was interested in. He really cut to the heart of the matter and within our first hour together I was able to sidestep my mental barriers into the right direction. It was exactly what I wanted to do. Eddie helped me admit to it and then commit to it.
— Nadia d. oakland, ca
After a session with Eddie, I felt more clear about my vision, but more importantly, I had a more emotional and resonant relationship with my vision. In 60 minutes with Eddie, I shifted to be able to see the true shape of my desires. Eddie created a cozy, safe space to explore my feelings and desires. He creates that space with his thoughtful line of questions, laser-tuned listening skills, and sincere investment in the creative life he’s coaching.
— Kristy b. San francisco, CA

And here’s what a few of my past clients have said:

Eddie is incredibly thoughtful and encouraging. And most importantly real. He has this innate ability to read between the lines and hear what’s not being said...I truly benefited from working with him.
— patricia s. san jose, ca
I think you have a special gift. I never had a moment of feeling judged or small or hurried. I always felt supported, but not overly so (no rah rah, which also would have made me suspect :-). I want everyone to have the chance to experience the transformation that I feel that I’ve had.
— c. lee. austin, tx
Eddie helped me discover insights I never could have imagined or planned to discover. In the end I always feel confident because now I understand more. Everytime, I prove to myself how important it is to do this work. During our sessions I can always expect non-judgement, invitations to go deeper, and laughter. He pays attention to everything that I say and the way I say it. It’s the opposite of how people often talk to each other without actually listening.
— marina s. san francisco, ca