San Francisco, CA

I started working with Eddie when a personal life-changing event forced me to assess my own self beyond that of my career. I was in a phase of "fogginess" that I needed clarity with.

At first I was concerned that I would treat coaching like a job, only one that I paid to do. And I was unsure I would come out of it with actionable next steps.

I felt no judgment from Eddie. He encouraged me to address incredibly tough questions but never handed those answers to me.

We always talked about what was present for me, even if it was "off-topic", and that was ok because I'm a whole person. He helped me open up and let my guard down, and I learned that good things can come out of that.

I trusted the process and trusted Eddie, even if at times things felt a little crazy and uncomfortable.

Eddie’s coaching helped me refine my life purpose and taught me how to navigate towards it.

By the end, I gained a sense of maturity and clarity with what I want and don't want. I gained more understanding of myself, and the control I can yield.

I also came out with a strong, big decision, a few engagements lined up, and some physical artifacts to help guide me on my own.