Nina is a UX designer at a San Francisco design agency. 

When considering coaching with Eddie, I hesitated at the price, which felt fair, but was still a lot of money to spend. I felt my problem was very specific and contextual, so I wondered if coaching would still be helpful if the problem were to go away before the coaching sessions ended.

I understood that coaching would be more big picture, but it was hard to imagine what that would look like before doing it. It was a leap of faith to commit to doing it.

Eddie was skilled at steering our conversations so that they were always meaningful in a short 60 minutes. He was able to make insights click for me by naming them. 

I liked the fact that Eddie knows what it is like to be a designer and could understand specifics about my job. And it was helpful to get homework assignments so I knew what and how I needed to practice, and I appreciated how he held me accountable.

I always looked forward to our sessions, and had a lot to think about after they ended.

Through working with Eddie for 3 months I was able to both solve some immediate challenges I was facing at work, as well as gain a much better understanding of some larger structural ideologies I didn’t even realize I had. The strategies Eddie helped me craft were so powerful that I now use them in both my work and personal life.  

I recommend Eddie for people who are ready to closely inspect what's going on in their lives and what they might want to do differently. You have to be comfortable asking yourself probing questions and be willing to let Eddie act as your guide. If you’re not ready to do that, Eddie might not be as good a fit as a coach.