S. Carol

New York, NY

When I met Eddie, I was desperately tired and disillusioned at work, anxious about the future and the present. I wanted to figure out the next steps in my life and have some idea of direction: to become unstuck.

I wasn’t sure if Eddie was the right fit and was very glad for the initial session without fee. Right after I signed up, I felt hopeful but also a little scared.

I really appreciated the playful and positive style of Eddie’s coaching combined with disciplined objectives. He is flexible and changes course as the process warrants but holds his clients accountable. One has to do the work! And that’s a good thing.

I learned a lot and appreciated Eddie’s focus and insights. He surprised me with his approach sometimes and I really liked it. I felt I could trust him.

I thought I knew myself pretty well but Eddie taught me to be aware of my “inner family” and how to be accepting but challenge some of the assumptions I have about myself. I learned how to have a dialogue with the protectors I’ve taken for granted over the years.

After working with Eddie for 3 months I have greater confidence and awareness of my strengths, qualities and therefore, a better idea of what I enjoy doing. I now have a clearer picture of my future, and better tools to navigate the present.